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From: T Chase
Subject: Collecting Things 12The following story is a work of fiction set in the format of reality. Any
resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not
meant to accurately reflect persons in towns, cities, or governmental
areas, in which the story is staged. If sexual scenes involving male to
male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and
countries, you are not allowed to read this by law. This is fiction. Don’t
forget, in real life, to think about ’sexual safety matters’; got condom?
“Collecting Things” 12 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%”You good cocksucker, John. I like.”Liking what he heard, the encouragement drove John onwards, wondering if
the top in him had been a facade, hiding his true bottom abilities. For one
thing, he wondered how much of Rico’s long cock he could get down his
throat.”We stop for kiss now, okiedokie?”"Sure, if you want to, Rico.”Loving the smile that Rico projected from his handsome face, he proceeded
with his bounding body, juggling his hands and knees, to approach the
scruffy face.”Are you trying to grow a beard, Rico?”"You like me maybe with goatee?”"I think you would look handsome with it, Rico.”With John’s hand feeling up his stubble, Rico sensed a tenderness about
John. He maybe was really getting to like him!%”Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih!”An hour later, Michael’s body glistened with sweat, as he swung the doubled
strap, whacking it across Tom’s ass mounds Preteen Nude Art for the twenty fifth or ninth
time. Michael wasn’t counting, only taking in the sounds of pain and
pleasure Tom’s mouth dealt out. He called it quits for now, returning to
the front of Tom’s body, like his, covered in wetness.”I think I’m done with these for now?”Tom let out a holler, as Michael removed two of the now ten or twelve small
beaded weights that hung from the chained, tortured nips that sagged below
their hairy targets. As he unhitched each weight, the alligator clips
attached to each of Tom’s sore nips, receded back into his pecs. Soon only
one bead of weight remained. As Michael removed it, Tom’s sweaty, stringy
head of hair fell to his chest. Like Michael had done in the past, he
lifted the boy’s head up by his sweaty mane. Unlike in the past though, he
moved his chest close to Tom’s and began kissing the lips.”You done good, Tom. Real good.”Tom mumbled, “Thain… thank you, sir.”Michael let his head flop back to his chest, saying, “Hmm. Now should I let
them stay or take them off?”The dilemma with removing the nipclamps quelled, as Michael thought about
the possibility of Rex maybe wanting to remove them. In fact, he thought of
Tom’s clamped nips, as a ‘gift’ for his lover. Unbinding Tom, the
twenty-one year old collapsed into his arms, which prompted Michael to
throw the hundred and seventy pound jock over his shoulder. He let out a
few gasps, as his nip chain cleared Michael’s shoulder. Like a rag doll,
Tom’s arms swayed back and forth, as Michael carried him up two flights of
stairs. Unintentionally, he accidentally banged the bedroom door, while
carrying Tom through the doorway.”And what’s this?”"Offering from our guest, Jim Rettinger.”"Looks a bit used, I’d say!” Rex comments, after jumping out of bed, in the
raw.Michael smiled over Tom’s shoulder, as he now held him standing, facing
Rex, his arms up under his pits, hugging him around the waist.”And what are these?”Tom lets out a moan, as Rex twists the chained nips between his fingers.”Go ahead. A gift to you, from me!”In some of the slave stories, Rex has read where a master rips a set of
alligator clips off a guy’s chest, but as Steve already suggested, some of
those ideas can be farfetched.”I wonder how fun he can be in bed?”"Exactly my thoughts, Rex.”"Well, neither he nor ‘you’ are getting in bed with me, smelling like
that!”"Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Tom screams out, with his last few ounces of
strength, as Rex relieves the tension of the two alligator clips biting his
nipmeat.”Fun, huh?” Michael says, looking down at Rex’s pubes.”I thought so! C’mon, let’s get Tom washed off.”More than once, Tom’s legs had been reduced to rubber, Michael having to
bolster him up against his own bod, as Rex soaped him up, paying special
attention to his hard, swollen nips.”Was he much fun, Michael?”"Oh yeah and he could really take it, too!”"He use his safeword? Is it why you stopped?”"Nope. In fact Tom has no limits.”"None?”"Yeah, but I… I thought maybe I’d like to share him with you.”"How thoughtful. What made you wait til he was half-dead, Michael?”The two laughed at Rex’s sarcasm.”He ‘is’ very cute, Michael,” Rex commented, as he dried Tom off, Michael
still helping to brace him up.Michael still held Tom, as Rex dried himself off, in record time. Then they
both walked Tom back, into the bedroom.”Be right back,” Michael said, returning with a towel, as he dabbed his
body dry.”He’s still hard, Michael. Suck him, why don’t you?”A little reluctant, he gives in to his lover, “Alrighty.”As Michael kneels over Tom’s pubes, Rex lies down next to him, putting his
arm under Tom’s shoulders, scooting his body half under Tom’s right side
and then placing Tom’s right hand over his cock. He feels some life still
in Tom, as fingers stimulate him.”He didn’t come, Michael?”"Precum, yes and a lot of it, but no. He didn’t shoot his load.”"Let’s work him up to it, slowly. I bet he’s got a big load due.”"Why don’t you fuck him, Rex?”"Um, wouldn’t you rather have me fuck you, Michael?”"Sure. I just thought…”"You’re such a considerate guy, you know that Michael?”Michael blushed.”Well, it’s not like we’re going to be playing with Tom all the time.”"Oh, I thought you meant that Jim was giving us Tom here?”"Give? I doubt it. I mean look at him. Tom’s young, good looking, a total
pain pig. I mean, I could see Jim going for a trade, but giveaway?”"Trade? Trade what, Michael?”"Hee heee.. Um, Ben?”"Oh, is that where you went.”"Yeah, I figured it would be hospitable if the two of us had an evening of
fun playing with Ben, but instead Jim came up with Tom here, so…”"So you did make a trade, then.” Rex played dumb.”Only for the evening. Jim tortured Ben in the basement for awhile and then
he was gone.”"Gone?”"Don’t worry. Bringing Tom up here, I heard some noises Preteen Nude Art coming from the
spare room. I’m sure Ben is having a good time.”"Tom is very cute.”"You thought the same about John, Rex.”"Don’t get me wrong, Michael. John is cute, but so is Tom here.”"Yeah, he is and he can sure take a lot. If you remember, torture wasn’t
John’s thing?”"I like the way the hair forms around Tom’s nips.”Tom moans, as Rex’s wet finger circles the red, rigid, reddish nub.”Any competition for mine?” Michael says, sitting up tall, on his knees so
that his chest is more pronounced.”Do I hear a tinge of jealousy, Michael?”"Maybe,” he replies, innocently.”Hmm… get that big hairy body over here!”"Oooooooh,” Michael sighs, as Rex sits up, latches on to his left nip,
using it for a handle to pull Michael to him.Michael continues the sensitive cooing, as Rex gives a harsh pull, before
releasing the still swollen nub.”Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih!” Michael winces.”Oh, that didn’t hurt.”"Now it doesn’t,” Michael replies, his arms engulfing Rex, his lips moving
in for the kill.%”Turn over boy… time for you to feel the real thing!”After a couple hours of oral lovemaking, Jim tells Ben to turn over on his
stomach. Like he would do to one of his other boys, Tom included, he twists
the buttplug around and then pulls it out.”Akkkkkkkkkk! Ooooooooooohshiiiiiiiit!” Ben yells out.”Forgot. Your first buttplug.”Although Jim didn’t outright apologize. Instead, he mounted Ben, easing his
already hardened shaft, in, immediately sinking his 9.5c up to his balls.”Oooh man are you fuckin’ hot, Ben!”Starting out slowly, Jim works Ben’s ass real easy, pulling out to the
crown and then forcing it back in. After doing this four or five times, he
clutches Ben’s torso, with both hands. His exits and forcings back in,
increase, to the pounding stages. Hands slide up and soon he forces Ben to
his knees, so that he can really fill him up. Within about twenty mintues,
Jim is working up more of a sweat than Ben, driving his big balls up
against the jock’s ass. A half hour later, his hands are poised on both of
Ben’s shoulders, shooting his cream deep within his guts.”Ooooooooooooooh fuck! Ooooooooooh fuck!”Ben thought Michael’s fuck was hot, but not like Jim’s. It made him release
his pent up load, as his cock got massaged from within and out, rubbing on
the bed, then finally in between his own thighs, as he knelt, in order for
Jim to gain maximum access. As he bowled over, he grabbed Ben around the
waist. His hand landed right in Ben’s pasty excretion.”Oh fuck, boy… did I tell you that you could cum?”"No, but it sure as hell felt great, Jim!”"Oh man, boy. You need training in the worst way!”As Ben lay there in the middle of the bed, both faced up, his own hand to
his chest, made him realize that he still had the nipclamps attached.%Sometime during the night, Rico and John finally fell asleep. When they
awoke, their entwined bodies entered the brightness of a brand new
day. Finding his own way, Rico slipped out of bed, moving along the
wall. The first door he opened, thinking it led out into the hallway,
proved to be a closet. Ditto on the second door.”What are you looking for Rico?”"My cock.. It’s gotta go, hombre.”"I see. It’s the next door. C’mon, I’ll show you, Rico.”John leads Preteen Nude Art
Rico into the jon, by way of hand, as if leading a little
boy. Rico stands there, readying to let the stream of yellow
loose. However, with John next to him, he looks at him. Then the
toilet. Then John, who stares at his Rican cock.”Que?”Not knowing Spanish, but knowing how a question mark sounds, John figures
out that Rico is asking ‘what’?”This is going to sound really strange and Preteen Nude Art I know probably gross, Rico,
but.. I mean I’ve always wanted to do this… I mean, I could have with my
cousin, but I know it would’ve grossed him out…”"John you ask me and not lead me around the circle?”He figured Rico meant ‘around in circles’, so he plainly put it, “Do you
think I can taste your cock,” turning shy, “you know.”"I no know what you say, John,” Rico replies, holding his cock with his
thumb above and index finger below, ready to let loose.”Oh, too late,” John replies, his gaze turning to the yellow stream pissing
out into the toilet.”Oooooh, I get… you want to… to taste? Yuk!” Rico’s opinion registers,
his nose wrinkled up.”Yeah, but that’s okay. Maybe next time, Rico.”"It stink bad and you want to taste, John?”"Never mind. It’s nothing, Rico.”However, as Rico finishes up, even though the whole idea sounded repulsive,
he sees the disappointment on John’s face.”Aqui! Tengo un poco!” Rico says excitedly.”What?”"You suck out yellow juice, okiedokie?”With the repulsed face gone, replaced with a smile, Rico offers the last
drips, before he shakes his cock free of the last bits of dribble.”Are you for real, Rico?” John replies, all smiles.”Sure I for real,” Rico guessed, not fully understanding what ‘for real’
meant.”Okay. Cool, Rico. Here, turn around this way.”Sinking to his knees, on the tile floor, John looks at the tanned 8c,
surrounded by a thick, black bush.”You taste now, John?”"I’m getting there, Rico.”Rico knew that John really wanted to try it, but now sensed his
nervousness. To help him along, he took John’s hand and placed it on his
semi-hard shaft, opposite of how he held it, being in front of Rico and not
behind the stick.”Oops,” John said, as his grip accidentally squeezed some of the cock
lemonade out.”That okay, John. I got more inside!”John smiled. Then opening his mouth, which Rico observed, with keen
interest, he wrapped his lips around the cockbulb, as if giving a
blowjob. Tricking John, Rico tried forcing the remnants out, which
deposited some of the yellow liquid onto John’s tongue.”Ooooooh..” John sighed, feeling the warmth in his mouth.”You like taste, John?”After sucking out as much as he could, John replies, “It’s different. I
hardly got a taste of it.”"That okay, John. I know I go more later, if Preteen Nude Art
you want to drink me up
again!”"Sure.”"You wash teeth before kiss me again, John, okiedokie?”Getting up from the floor, John sided with Rico on that directive. In fact,
regardless of who’s toothbrushes sat in the holder, the two helped
themselves.%”Hey, sleepyhead!”Rex called out to Michael, as he lay there, flat on his back, in their
bed. The loose sheet lay entwined through his lover’s legs, stretching over
his pubes, his cock half visible. Before Michael completely regained
consciousness, back in the real world, Rex had an idea. Getting his digital
camera, Preteen Nude Art he kneeled on the bed, directly over Michael’s bod. Zooming in, he
focused on the still swollen nubs, lying under Michael’s furry, dark brown
chest. Rex wondered if he dare brush away the hair to get a better pic. He
tried and succeeded in getting some nice clear shots of not only the larger
than life nips, but some of the surface of his skin, surrounding his nips,
where the leather strap struck, leaving a redness on the italian skin. He
waited, as Michael stirred, turned over and proceeded to put an arm over
Tom’s side, as his ass faced Michael’s cock.”Ooooh, this is going to be good. Wait til he sees this!”When Michael stirred, Rex dashed off the bed, returning the digital camera
to his computer hutch, supplying download feed and pressed enter.”Oh, are you awake, Rex?”"Yeah, just woke up, Michael,” he fibbed.”Oops!” Michael said, removing his arm from around Tom’s body, where it
flapped over his stomach, putting it behind his head, showing off his
tufted armpit.”Hee heeee.. guilty, Michael?”"Um, no,” He said, indignantly.”You know I don’t mind, Michael.”"Yeah sure, Rex. You don’t care that I have my arm around another guy’s
waist, while in the same bed as you?”"It’s not like you slept, Preteen Nude Art
spooned up against Tom’s ass, Michael.”"How would you know a fact like that, Rex?”"Because Tom slept between us and my cock lay in his ass crevice most of
the night.”"Oh, okay.”"Doesn’t that bother you, Michael?”"What? That your cock was in Tom’s ass and not mine?”"It wasn’t ‘in’ Tom’s ass, Michael. Just conformed to the shape of his
crevice.”"Like a snake in the grass, huh?”"Yeah, exactly. It didn’t burrow in!”"Nah, it doesn’t bother me, Rex.”"Why not, Michael? I would think that it should!”"Hey, it’s not like you love Tom and not me, Rex.”"Oh? How can you be so sure of that, Michael?”Suddenly, a sadness came over the thirty-four year old soulmate.”Cheer up, Michael. I’m joking, okay?”"Whew! You did give me a start there, Preteen Nude Art Rex.”"Really? Maybe this will convince you.”Lying down on the bed, Rex lay his bod down, right on top of Michael’s
matching up his lips. After about two minutes, they opened their eyes,
still connected at the lips, looking to their left. There Tom lay, propped
up on one elbow.”Don’t let me interfere,” Tom spoke in a dull tone, his palm-squashed jaw
not able to speak at the proper leverage, to say Preteen Nude Art it clear and crisp.It’s then that Rex broke off, asking, not good morning, but, “How’s the
nips, Tom?”"Um,” his hand rubbed over his left pec, then right, “not bad.”"Not bad?” Michael said, surprised.Rex said, “I knew I should’ve ripped them off!”"Oh man that would’ve been so hot, Rex!” Tom replied, excited.”It looked Preteen Nude Art
like you had enough for one night, Tom,” Michael told him,
adding, “In fact, it looked as if you almost passed out.”"I do remember you carrying me up the stairs and… Rex, didn’t you soap me
up?”"Yup. You both smelled like a couple of swine,” Rex replied.Michael, after giving Rex the ‘who me?’ look, then smiled, joking, “I told
you Tom was a pain pig!”Both Rex and Tom swore to Michael, “Boooo, bad joke,” giving Michael the
thumbs down.That prompted Michael to get up and head for the jon.”Hungry, Tom?”"Sure.. I mean… do you know where my master is?”"Wow! Is he your real, for real, master?” Rex inquired.”Oh yeah, why?”"Holy cow! I’ve read about them, but didn’t know they actually
existed. Jim’s your real, ‘real’ real master, huh?”"That’s right, Rex.”"How did you get hooked up with him?”"Well, I kinda grew up getting slapped around by my old man, plus he was a
tough discipliner, you know, taking the Preteen Nude Art
belt to me and my brother.”"Is your brother part of… of his household?”"No and my brother isn’t gay. In fact, I confessed to him one day that I
live with this sort of guy and he called me ‘crazy’.”"So, tell me about all of this. I’m curious.”"Well, I met Master Jim at a gay leather bar one night. I sat there for the
longest time, at the bar, when he came over and sat down next to Preteen Nude Art me. We
started talking, he bought me a couple of drinks, as we talked about why I
was there.”"And why were you there, Tom?”After a chuckle, Tom replied to Rex’s question, “Really I don’t know. I had
always been curious about the slave lifestyle, like you, we must’ve read
some of the same slave stories.”"Cool, aren’t they?”"Sure are. I mean, I probably was a lot more gullible than Master Jim
thought I was or then again, he’s a smart guy. To this day, I’m not really
sure how he felt, other then he did let on that he thought I was hot.”Just then, the bedroom door swung open. There stood Jim, with Ben under his
wing.”Hey, Jim, c’mon in,” Rex invited.”Hot night. Really hot,” is all Jim could say, his arm hugging Ben
tightly. Then asked, “My boy behave himself?”"Oh sure he did. Michael had a great time and then when he brought Tom up
here, we had a nice time in bed. In fact, Tom was telling me all about when
he first met you.”"He was, was he? Tom, did I give you permission to talk about us?”"Um, no sir,” Tom replied, a little jittery.”Come over here and stand in front of me.”"Yes, sir.”Rex watched, as Tom reluctantly got off of the bed and walked over to where
Jim stood. He loosened himself from Ben.”I hope this will teach you a lesson, boy.”"Akkkkkkk! Ooooooooooooooh!” Tom shouted out, as Jim slapped him so hard
across the face, he took a spill, falling on the floor.Rex jumped up off the bed, shouting, “Tom, you alright?”"Of course he’s alright,” Jim replied to Rex, turning his attention to Tom,
“Aren’t you, Tom?”"Yeah. I’m fine.”"And what do you have to say for yourself, boy?”"I apologize for not asking your permission, sir.”"You better be and when I get you home, expect a heavy punishmnet, boy.”"Yes, sir.”Ben, whom had been totally sold on Master Jim’s treatment, over the past
evening, had second thoughts about him, after seeing the mark on the side
of Tom’s face, as he got up.”Your boy was a helluva lot of fun last night, Rex.”"I’m glad you enjoyed him,” thought Rex, after viewing the blow Tom took
across his face, was glad Ben was back in his presence.”Well, I guess we better get moving here. Where’s Michael?”"Right here, Jim,” Michael appeared.Rex could tell that Michael wondered what just took place.”You said you had something to give me, regarding your father, before I
hauled his ass outta here?”Rex seemed to care more for Tom, then his own flesh and blood.”Yeah, I made copies of some files for you.”"Good. Tom, get those CD’s from Rex and bring them along.”As Tom took the CD’s from Rex, both shared in the touching of the files, as
they stare in each other’s eyes. Even though he and the twenty-one year old
had spent one evening together, Rex sensed an attachment that he wasn’t
sure he wanted to let go of. Michael saw this too.”Um, by the way, Jim?”"Yes, Michael?”"I’m not sure that Rex remembered to mention one little stipulation in our
bargain.”"Let me see… he mentioned about making his father a part of the litter of
slaves, taking over his duties as CEO, we went over shares and stock
options… no, I don’t think he’s forgot anything.”"Oh yes. He did forget one thing.”Michael, taking the CD’s from Tom, handed them to Jim.”What’s this?”"The CD’s with the collections that Rex has recorded, over the years.”"That I know. But Tom can bring them along with him.”"Well, yes he could, ‘if’ he was going along Preteen Nude Art with you.”"And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Jim says, hand moving to hip.Rex, walking up to Jim, like the same aged, on the same plane, as if with
the same calibur of mastery, folds his arms in front of himself and
bargains, “I think you’re getting a healthy share of the deal, Jim. In fact
besides Tom, I should be getting two boys, instead of one from you.”"Is that so, Rex? Michael, did you put him up to this?”"Nope, but sounds fair to me!” He smiled at his longtime friend, liking the
humiliation, mixed with the frustration.Looking to Michael, then back at the youthful master, standing directly in
front of him, casting his shadow of holding all the Preteen Nude Art cards.”Very well. You can have Tom and…” after thinking, says, “Frank.”However, now that he knows that he’s out of the clutches of Master Jim, Tom
replies, “No, give him Jason!”"Jason?” Rex questions.”He’ll take Frank and like it!”However, Rex, feeling like spreading some further humiliation, demands,
“No, I’ll take Jason… hmm and as a good will gesture, I’m sure you
wouldn’t mind parting with Frank, either, will you Jim?”"No fucking way!” Jim exclaims, brushing his hands out to the sides, as if
an umpire, calling a slide to home plate, ’safe’.”No, Jim?” Rex replies, taking the CD’s back, tearing them from Jim’s
hand. “Then I suppose our deal is ‘off’!”Frustrated, Jim stands there, his Preteen Nude Art mouth gaping open. He stands to lose a
lot. Crossing the room, Michael, smiles a toothy grin. He takes the CD’s from
Rex, hands them to his longtime friend, saying, “Get the fuck off it,
Jim. You’re getting more than your share out of this. You’ll be so busy
training Rex’s father that you wouldn’t have time for the rest of your
boys. So, in addition to Tom, you’ll release Frank and Jason. In fact,
being the generous soul you are, I know you wouldn’t mind throwing Kevin,
Roberto and Douglas in, to sweeten the deal.”"What are you fuckin’ out of your gourd, Michael? That’s all of my
slaveboys!”"Yeah and I know you have the knack of picking up some new ones, so….”Michael’s voice trailed off, as he escorted Jim out of the room, holding
the precious CD’s containing the ‘Father Collections’, volumes one though
three.”Whew! Thanks Rex. I really owe you one. I mean, you can count of me
serving you forever.”"Hey, I’m not asking for that, Tom.”"Really? I thought… I thought Ben was your slave and….”"Oh no. I’m not Rex’s slave. We only play around,” Ben informs Tom.”You… you’re not a master, Rex?”"Only as roleplay, but to tell you the truth, Tom, playing with you, I
started to believe I actually was.”"Well, you sure stood up to Master Jim, like you were, Rex. In fact, I
can’t see how I can be anything less than a slave to you, after you saved
my skin.”"Huh? I thought you liked taking pain?”"Yeah, but I’m not into having my body altered.”"Huh? What do you mean, Tom?”Ben and Rex stood there, Preteen Nude Art as Tom explained how cruel Master Jim could
be. Inviting Tom and Ben to lay on the bed with him, sitting indian style,
Tom told how Kevin, one of the older slaves had suffered getting branded,
after trying to leave Master Jim’s household of slavery.”Shit!” Ben exclaimed, showing empathy for a guy he only knew by a
name. “Where did he brand him? Was it big?”"Fortunately for Kevin, who happens to be the oldest slave or…hmm, does
this mean we’re not slaves anymore, Rex?”As Rex more or less said they would be free as Ben and he, he sensed Ben
remaining in limbo, wanting to know the outcome of the branding.”So, tell us about Kevin’s punishment? Oh, and how old is he?”"Kevin is twenty-six. He tried escaping last year, but the grounds security
caught him. Master Jim had him flogged in front of us all, then while
tightly bound, he had him branded on the chest.”"Fuck! He fuckin’ messed up the guy’s chest? That’s a fuckin’ sin!” Ben
cried out, rather angrily, as he ran his flat palm over his own hairy
chest.”It doesn’t look that bad, Ben. In fact, it was a little branding iron.”"How little is little, Tom?”Rex lay there, kind of repulsed, as Ben, listening to the two carry on the
conversation.”It was a small ‘x’, about this big,” Tom said, connecting the tip of his
index finger to his thumb.”That really sucks! How did Kevin take it?” Ben carried on.”He passed out and when he came around, he cried for a few days, until the
reality that his chest had this permanent mark in the Preteen Nude Art center, Preteen Nude Art couldn’t be
erased.”"The poor guy.”Rex could see the empathy Ben had for the twenty-six year old guy he never
even met. Rex didn’t feel too good himself, about the raw deal that Kevin
got dished out to him.”Um, Tom?”"Yes, Rex?”"You wouldn’t have had anything like that done to you, if you returned to
Jim’s household, would you. I mean, you didn’t ask his permission to tell
me about meeting him, but would that warrant the severity of being
branded?”"I can’t say, but I don’t think so. My infraction wasn’t as bad as
Kevin’s. Master Jim had warned us that we would suffer dearly, if we tried
to leave his household. Kevin, like all of us, didn’t believe that
something like this punishment would ever happen.”"One good thing,” Ben reconciled, “Rex, I’m glad I’m not going with Jim.”"Oh? I never said you would be, Ben.”"Well, he sort of tried talking me into going. I was going to Preteen Nude Art
ask you today
about it.”"Believe me, Ben,” Tom replied, “be glad that you didn’t.”"Tom,” Ben suggested, “even if Rex didn’t speak Preteen Nude Art
up for you, you could’ve
refused to go back with Jim.”"No. I would’ve returned with him.”"But you would’ve escaped.”"No. Master Jim would’ve found a way to get me back and I like my chest the
way it is.”%continued……… Copyright 2005 T. Chase McPhee All Rights Reserved.
Permission is NOT granted to publish
this story to any PAY site, Preteen Nude Art nor any site
other than www.nifty.org, without the
author’s prior consent.
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